ROSE action was presented at the 9th Conference “Informatics in Public Administration 2017”

On the 4th and 5th of December 2017, at the Congress Center Brdo pri Kranju, a two-day 9th conference entitled Informatics in Public Administration 2017 was held.
Besides the fact that the conference connects informatics and providers of e-services of public administration, conference is also becoming the exchange forum of information on aspects of information technology, which enable faster and more efficient functioning of the public administration.

The red thread of the conference "Management 4.0 - GaaP" - the country as a platform - summarizes the new vision of the country's role due to digital transformation. The focus is shifting from infrastructure, devices and services to the use of data and the potential of the public administration to accelerate the economy. Industry 4.0 is a recognized paradigm for a new vision of action, and there is no reason why the country would not take a similar step since it has so far followed the good practices of the business world, and in the areas where possible it can take the lead.

As part of the lectures on the second day of the conference, the representative of the Public Payments Administration - Jorgo Bertalanič and the representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia - Dušan Zupančič held a lecture titled "Requirements of the European Directive on electronic invoicing” – the ROSE action.

Those representatives introduced the reasons for the adoption of the directive, what is the role of the ROSE action, which activities are carried out under the ROSE action, which are the key steps for a successful transition to eSlog 2.0 eFunction. They also introduced solutions within the action that will be available to all public service providers which are obligated to accept e-invoice that is transmitted in EU standard.