Upgrade of the Slovenian national eInvoicing standard eSLOG 1.6 to 2.0

As part of this activity, a new version of the eSLOG standard 2.0 will be prepared, which will comply with the European standard EN 16931. An XML schema of the new standard and a mapping table between eSLOG 2.0 and eSLOG 1.6 will be prepared. Mapping tables for eSLOG 2.0 and various eInvoicing syntaxes will also be prepared (presumably CEFACT CII, UBL 2.1, UN/EDIFACT). eSLOG 2.0 documentation will be prepared in Slovenian and English language for software solution and services providers to enable integration of the new eSLOG standard into their solutions.

eInvoicing standard eSLOG 2.0, documentation and mapping table: - Download
This is a working document. The final version will be published and made available at the end of the ROSE Action.

Upgrade of the single entry and exit points for exchange of eInvoices for budget users

The objective of the activity is to upgrade the single entry and exit point at PPA for the exchange of eInvoices for budget users in order to support the receipt of eInvoices in accordance with the requirements of the Directive and the European standard. The upgrade includes the implementation of eSLOG 2.0 and mapping tables prepared in the activity of upgrading of the Slovenian national eInvoicing standard eSLOG 1.6 to 2.0. In the process of verifying the solution, a test account will be exchanged in a European standard with an issuer from another member state.

Implementation of the Exchange hub for the exchange of eInvoices for contracting entities

The Exchange hub will be implemented to support contracting entities. These organizations can provide support for the receipt of eInvoices in accordance with the EU standard by itself, or to use an Exchange hub for this purpose. Exchange hub will allow organizations to receive and to send eInvoices in eSLOG 2.0 and in other syntaxes for which mapping tables will be prepared in Activity of upgrading of the Slovenian national eInvoicing standard eSLOG 1.6 to 2.0. It will enable also the visualization of the eInvoice. Exchange hub will be linked to the eInvoice recipients’ entity database. The solution will be open to enable integration into various ERP systems, accounting programs, and other software solutions.

eDelivery Deployment

The single entry and exit point at PPA for budget users and Exchange hub for contracting entities will also include access points for eDelivery in accordance with the e-SENS AS4 Profile (developed by e-SENS) and the PEPPOL AS2 Profile (developed by OpenPEPPOL) and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).

Development and implementation of the national eInvoice recipients’ entity database

The eInvoice recipients’ entity database will be established, which will enable information about recipients of eInvoices and their method for receiving documents in structured data format. The entity database will be open and allow connections to other systems to allow organizations the great degree of automation when sending eInvoices. The entity database manager will be CCIS.

Awareness raising and promotion

The purpose of this activity is to raise awareness among organizations and individuals and to promote the introduction of eInvoices. To this end, two national conferences and several regional workshops are planned for budget users, contracting entities, software solutions providers and providers and EDI providers. Various promotional materials will be prepared. For some typical examples of eInvoices usage, recommendations will be prepared for each field or industry. For the ROSE action, a website has been established, with information and news on the progress of the action and the activities carried out.